Colocation Facilities


Bellingham, WA:

Located downtown, our Bellingham facility is convenient, and provides all the benefits of a class A collocation facility close to home. We’re unique in offering single server hosting. Start with a single server, and grow with the security of knowing your servers will be available, even if your office is down. Half cabinet, full cabinet, and multiple rack cages are available in our Bellingham facility.

CSS specializes in housing server infrastructure for a variety of business with multiple locations. Placing servers in our facility prevents a single location from taking down all of your offices.

Our staff is available when yours isn’t. When your servers are in our facility, we’ve available to help with anything you need, from a simple reboot, to a full server rebuild.

One of the most connected buildings in Whatcom county, the CSS data center has full connectivity to the CSS backbone, and ready connectivity to:

  • Noel Communications
  • Integra Telecom
  • Blackrock Cable
  • Wave Broadband
  • Wolfe Internet
  • Comcast Fiber
  • AT&T Fiber
  • Open Access
  • PogoZone
  • Centurylink Fiber
  • Opalco Internet

Facility details:

  • FM 200 fire suppression system
  • Natural gas generator
  • 110v, 208v, and -48v DC power available
  • Redundant HVAC systems
  • Multiple entrance and egress points
  • 24/7 card key access
  • Security and alarm monitoring from Security Solutions
  • Facility is staffed during business hours

Burlington, WA:

Still under construction, our Burlington facility space is already limited. There are a limited number of half and full cabinets available.

Part our fiber ring to Seattle, our new Burlington facility connects municipal and private fiber networks in a convenient location.

Seattle, WA:

Our Seattle facilities are located in the heart of connectivity in the Northwest, the Westin Building.  This facility provides us with direct access to the Seattle Internet Exchange, and multiple carriers.  This facility is also interconnected with Verizon and Qwest to provide ATM bandwidth to any customer located in the Western Washington territories.  Anyone that knows connectivity on the West Coast of the United States knows the Westin.

The CSS corporate offices

are strategically located in Bellingham, WA USA.  This location provides direct access to the US and Canadian business markets.  Our local connectivity options allow us to provide the Bellingham/Whatcom County area with more bandwidth than most Tier 2 cities.

The CSS Backbone is connected via multiple Tier 1 providers. CSS is redundantly connected to the Seattle, WA Westin Building SuperPOP and direct to the MAE-West core Internet hub.   These links give CSS the ability to divert around Internet failures.

CSS has a membership in the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN).  This membership allows CSS to provision an independent IP addressing infrastructure.  This allows us to support Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and route Internet traffic around problems in connectivity and bandwidth bottlenecks.

Our high performance links connect directly to the Qwest central office, Qwest ATM cloud, Verizon ATM Cloud, and the Seattle Westin Building.  All of CSS services are secured 24 hours a day in air conditioned environments, with redundant uninterruptible power supplies, and generators capable of supplying power on an unlimited basis.  This allows us to maintain connectivity even in the event of a power grid collapse, major infrastructure damage, fiber optic cable breaks, or Tier 1 carrier outage and routing collapses.

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